2024 7th International Conference on Structural Engineering and Industrial Architecture (ICSEIA 2024)
Call For Papers


The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

工程结构/Engineering Structure

工程先进技术/Engineering Advanced Technology

工程结构与抗震/Engineering Structure and Seismic Resistance

高层建筑和大跨度结构/High-rise Building and Large-span Structure

建筑结构与桥梁工程/Bridge Engineering;/

特殊结构/Special Structure

建筑技术/Construction Technology

结构的监视与控制/Monitoring and Control of Structure

制图与地理信息系统/Cartography and GIS

混凝土结构/Concrete Structure

施工与控制/Construction and Control

检测与改造/Testing and Modification

力学分析/Mechanical Analysis

隧道及地下结构/Tunnels and Underground Structure

结构修复改造和加固/Structural Rehabilitation Renovation and Reinforcement

钢结构/Steel Structure

材料与构件/Materials and Components

岩土工程/Geotechnical Engineering

市政工程/Municipal Engineering

海岸工程/Coastal Engineering

地质工程/Geological Engineering

供热、供气/Heating, Gas Supply

通风与空调工程/Ventilation and Air Conditioning Works

材料质量与控制/Material Quality and Control

金属结构/Metal Structure

操作与维护/Operation and Maintenance

防灾减灾/Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

测量工程/Measurement Engineering

排水工程/Drainage Engineering

智慧建筑/Intelligent Building

预测性维护/Predictive Maintenance

融合网络/Converged Networks

无线改造/Wireless Retrofit

生物识别集成/Biometric Integration

计算机管理系统工程/Computer Management System Engineering

楼宇设备自控系统工程/Building Equipment Automatic Control System Engineering

保安监控及防盗报警系统工程/Security Monitoring and Burglar Alarm System Engineering

智能卡系统工程/Smart Card System Engineering

通讯系统工程/Communication System Engineering

卫星及共用电视系统工程/Satellite and Shared TV System Engineering

车库管理系统工程/Garage Management System Engineering

综合布线系统工程/Integrated Cabling System Project

计算机网络系统及宽带接入、增值服务工程/Computer Network System and Broadband Access, Value-added Services Project

广播系统工程/Broadcast System Engineering

视频点播系统工程/Video-on-demand System Engineering

综合物业管理系统工程/Integrated Property Management System Engineering

多媒体会议系统工程/Multimedia Conference System Project

大屏幕显示系统工程/Large Screen Display System Project

智能灯光、音响控制系统工程/Intelligent Lighting, Sound Control System Engineering

智慧城市/Smart City

智能建筑/Intelligent Construction

智能交通/Intelligent Transportation

智能建筑的风险管理与决策//Risk Management and Decision Making for Intelligent Construction

智能楼宇自动化控制系统/Intelligent Building Automation Control System

计算力学/Computational Mechanics

计算机仿真与CAD/CAE/Computer Simulation and CAD/CAE

城市规划与设计/Urban Planning and Design

建筑材料/Architecture and Building Materials

绿色建材/Green Building Materials

生态建筑/Ecological Architecture

智慧城市路线图/Smart City Roadmap

环境可持续性/Environmental Sustainability

智能出行/Smart Travel

智能能源网/Smart Energy Network

智能城市数据分析/Smart City Data Analysis

数据协调,集成和处理/Data Coordination, Integration and Processing

智慧城市治理/Smart City Governance

智慧城市的软件技术/Software Technology for Smart Cities

环境建模与应用/Environmental Modeling and Application

可视化城市数据分析/Visual City Data Analysis

数据驱动的城市规划与设计/Data-Driven Urban Planning and Design

智能城市系统/Smart City System

智能交通系统/Smart Transportation System

结构抗震/Structural Seismic Resistance

结构抗震设计/Structural Seismic Design

地震与地震动/Earthquakes and Ground Motions

建筑场地、地基与基础/Building Site, Foundation and Basis

结构抗震设计计算原理/Principles of Structural Seismic Design Calculation

地震剪力调整及最低地震剪力要求/Seismic Shear Adjustment and Minimum Seismic Shear Requirements

混凝土结构建筑抗震设计/Seismic Design of Concrete Structure Building

砌体结构建筑抗震设计/Seismic Design of Masonry Structure Building

钢结构建筑抗震设计/Seismic Design of Steel Structure Building

混凝土结构梁式桥抗震设计/Seismic Design of Concrete Structure Beam Bridge

结构减隔震技术/Structural Seismic Isolation Technology

结构抗震加固改造设计/Structural Seismic Reinforcement and Transformation Design

结构的动力分析/Dynamic Analysis of Structure

结构选型与结构布置/Structure Selection and Structure Layout

地震作用计算/Earthquake Calculation

墙体承载力验算/Wall Bearing Capacity Check

重大工程事故分析与防范/Analysis and Prevention of Major Engineering Accidents

公路、桥梁、隧道抗震加固改造/Roads, Bridges, and Tunnels Seismic Reinforcement Reconstruction

结构修复、改造及加固/Structural Repair, Transformation and Reinforcement

监测检测/Monitoring and Testing

钢结构应力监测/Steel Structure Stress Monitoring

大型施工项目应力变化监测/Stress Change Monitoring for Large Construction Projects

结构健康监测/Structural Health Monitoring

基坑监测/Foundation Pit Monitoring

大体积混凝土浇筑温度监测/Temperature Monitoring for Large Volume Concrete Pouring

工程实体结构检测/Engineering Entity Structure Testing

工程原材料检测/Engineering Raw Material Testing

工程质量鉴定/Engineering Quality Appraisal

耐久性评估/Durability Assessment

安全性评估/Safety assessment

工程设备/Engineering Facility

机械设备/Machinery Facility

电气设备/Electrical Facility

静置设备/Stationary Facility

非标准设备/Non-standard Facility


连续传输设备/Continuous Transmission Facility